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It's always holiday time in Karlsruhe

If the recreational value of a city can be taken as a measure of the quality of life it offers, then Karlsruhe is "the" place to live. No wonder Baden's proverbial joie de vivre and the vitality of its main city attract working people, students and entrepreneurs from far and wide. The dream city which appeared to its founder, Karl Wilhelm, while sleeping under a tree - or so the legend goes - is a dream come true for Epicureans. Situated on the Upper Rhine between the Black Forest, Alsace and the Palatinate Forest, it has one of the mildest climates in Germany, as well as easy access to some beautiful surrounding countryside. Tasty, sumptuous Baden cuisine, to say nothing of its sun-spoiled wines, are among the pleasures most relished by connoisseurs. Countless cosy, romantic restaurants and wineries in pretty, centuries old villages and dotted amid the dreamy vineyards and valleys nearby invite their guests to enjoy the sunny side of life. Spring begins early here. Nor is there any shortage of recreational activities right on the doorstep. It's always holiday time in Karlsruhe.

Zoologischer Stadtgarten
A downtown oasis:
the Zoological Gardens

People who know how to enjoy the pleasures of life and are attentive to their physical well-being cannot fail to be amiable and pleasant as well. This can be said of the people of Karlsruhe too, who are as friendly as they are tolerant and easy-going. It is not only the city's Mediterranean flair and ideal location at the foot of the Black Forest which determine the quality of life here, but also the numerous international events to which the city plays host. The open air concert "Das Fest" for example, attracts over 100,000 music fans to Karlsruhe every year.

The International Costume and Folklore Festival and Baden Folk Festival offer tradition in a modern guise while the Händel Festival, held every February in honour of the composer's birthday, is the most important baroque music event in southern Germany. Every two years, the city and Badisches Staatstheater host the Festival of European Culture, which each time concentrates on one specific aspect of European culture and attracts worldwide attention.

Recreation - in Karlsruhe that also means sport and the great outdoors. Cyclists will find some of Germany's best most extensive cycle paths here while for runners, the Baden Marathon will soon rank among Germany's most important runs.

The Europahalle unites many different disciplines under one roof. This arena, the nerve centre for sports in Baden, is a top address for major international events. European Basketball and Volleyball Championships, the Davis Cup tennis tournament, Handball Supercup and International Indoor Athletics Meeting (IHM) - now ranked among Europe's top ten - have become synonymous with the fever-pitch excitement which can be experienced in this sports arena. For the more sedate, the Egon von Neindorff Equestrian Institute cultivates the art of classical horsemanship.

The sports city's showpiece:
the Europahalle -
venue for numerous high-calibre events

Nestling in the Hardt Forest is Karlsruhe's Wildpark Stadium. The unique, filigree design of the main stand has made Karlsruher SC's home ground a very special address indeed in the world of football. The renovation and modernization of the stadium was a tour de force on the part of the city of Karlsruhe, which has since reinforced its reputation as a major sports centre. It is an image with a long tradition: Not only is the Engländerplatz one of the cradles of German football, but the city has also produced Olympic medallists and German champions including athletes like Heinz Fütterer, Carl Kaufmann, Lothar Knörzer and Siegfried König. Mass sports and the provision of sports facilities have an exemplary character here.

Manfred Lädtke

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